Marketing in Motion is a unique “spin” on outdoor advertising.  By bringing your message directly to street level, through the use of cyclists, Smart cars and mopeds pulling portable ad-trailers, Datamax Outdoor is able to provide you with a top-of-mind marketing that only a street level advertising campaign can provide.

By traveling next to downtown highways, shopping malls, parks, event centers, stadiums local landmarks and outdoor community events, puts your message out in a memorable way, and allows you to target the specific markets and customers you need to succeed.

Datamax offers full day or 6 hour street level advertising campaigns with as many as 5 cyclists pulling 8’ double sided trailers.  Datamax will work with you to design your mobile billboards to create a strong visual message and will create a bike route that will place your message in front of your next customers.  Smart car and moped campaigns are also offered, further impacting your visual message, and ability to move that message around from market-to-market.

Datamax can also provide direct marketing supplies such as flyers, postcards, info-sheets and coupons while supplying the leg power to hand-out and distribute your marketing materials, putting your message right into the hands of your next customer.

Please contact Datamax Outdoor to organize a street level Marketing-in-Motion campaign and let us put your business on the road to success!

Call us directly at: 1-800-472-8027 or email at: [email protected]